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From the Target to the People: Six Marketing Tips for Promoting Zero Proof Wines and Mocktails

Beverage Industry Case Studies

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October 23, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the beverage industry, the rise of Non-Alcoholic Wine and Spirits has created a new niche. This segment isn't just about offering an alternative to traditional wine; it's about understanding and cultivating a unique audience.

Here, we explore how brands of Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Craft Wines, non-alcoholic drinks and alcohol free products can effectively connect and grow with their consumers, transitioning from mere target demographics to a community of engaged enthusiasts.

Six Key Strategies for a Successful Launch of a New Beverage

Understanding the Audience
The first step in cultivating an audience in the Wine Zero Proof world is understanding who they are. This audience is diverse in each Country, including health-conscious individuals, pregnant women, gen-Z, sober curious, or those who simply choose to abstain from alcohol for personal or religious reasons. What unites them is a desire for a sophisticated, grown-up beverage experience without the alcohol.

Education and Awareness
One of the key challenges in this market is breaking down misconceptions. There's a need for education about what Wine Zero Proof is and isn't.
It’s not just grape juice and it's not for "losers".
It’s a carefully crafted beverage designed to mimic the taste and experience of traditional wine. Brands should focus on educating their audience about the production process, ingredients, and the unique flavor profiles of their products.

Creating a Community
Building a community is crucial. This can be done through social media, wine tastings, and events. By creating spaces (both virtual and physical) where enthusiasts can share experiences, brands can foster a sense of belonging. Engaging with consumers through these platforms, responding to their feedback, and involving them in the development of new products can create loyal brand ambassadors.

Storytelling and Lifestyle Alignment
Storytelling is a powerful tool. Brands can tell stories about the origins of their products, the people behind them, and how they fit into a lifestyle that values health, mindfulness, and social enjoyment without alcohol. This narrative should be consistent across all marketing materials, from websites and social media to packaging and advertising.

Innovative Marketing Strategies
The marketing strategies for Wine Zero Proof need to be as innovative as the product itself. This includes using digital platforms for targeted advertising, collaborating with influencers who resonate with the target audience, and exploring unconventional marketing channels like wellness and fitness events.

Personalization and Engagement
Personalization is key. This can range from personalized recommendations based on past purchases to customized subscription boxes. Engaging with consumers on a personal level shows that a brand understands and values its customers.

The Frizero Story: Crafting Zero Proof Wines in Italy

Nestled in the quintessential region of Valpolicella, in Verona Northeast Italy, surrounded by cypress trees, lies the Squarano Estate.

This historic estate, where the Marquises Fumanelli have been producing grapes and exquisite wines since 1470 on ancient Roman foundations, embarks on a new chapter post-pandemic.
It's launching an international endeavor in the zero-proof beverage arena, in partnership with the creative studio WØM, to develop a comprehensive Digital & Offline PR strategy.

The adv experts at WØM have meticulously crafted a strategy to revitalize and shape the brand's future. Their approach spans from analyzing global beverage market trends to concepting and website design. Their work extends to storytelling, creating slogans and illustrations, organizing photoshoots and styling mocktail recipes, and designing unique merchandise and packaging for the brand.

WØM has also reimagined the timeless narrative of Romeo & Juliet and the essence of Verona and Italy. This branding consultation transcends the conventional, inviting you to partake in your own enchanting tale, in your own "NOW".
At WØM, the goal is to introduce a new state of mind, an Italian You-topia.

In curating the brand, WØM has focused on the rich legacy of Italian winemaking, the pursuit of a slower, more meaningful lifestyle, and a dedication to authenticity.
These are the premium ingredients that we, as a brand curation agency, strive to emphasize.

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