WØM Studio was crafted in 2020 out of a passionate appetite for creativity and beauty. Through the joining forces of publishing, telecoms, photography, design–and more--we curate one-of-a-kind experiences ranging from music to food labs that are sure to leave lasting impressions.


mobile marketing strategy

Strategies for Mobile Marketing

Move ahead of the competition with our winning approach to mobile marketing. Our strategy focuses on developing customized apps for smartphones and other devices that are tailored to meet defined objectives, while allowing flexbility in terms design. Create a Winning Approach to Mobile Marketing with High-Impact Strategies! We make sure you have well-defined objectives, realistic and measurable KPIs (key performance indicators), modularity of design for continued development over time, plus the ability to go international.

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digital marketing strategy

Strategies for Digital Marketing

We can help you amplify your unique brand message and reach the right people. Our mission is discovering the best strategies for digital marketing, so you won't waste time or resources - just hit that sweet spot of perfect positioning

social media strategy

Social Media strategies

With an ever-shifting landscape, navigating Social Media can be a daunting task. From organic positioning campaigns and sponsored ads, all the way down to defining channels & publication times - we have you covered.

green marketing

Green Marketing

At WØM|Studio, we are passionate about helping your company's green marketing journey. Our talented team is committed to training and documentation in the world of sustainability-focused communication - a core asset for success now and into the future. Let us help you navigate this ever important aspect of corporate social responsibility so that you can make an impact on the market with confidence!

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concept e design

Concept & Design

At the start of your promotional voyage lies an enchanted realm - a place where enthusiasm and hard data join forces to bring something special into being. Here, instinct is dovetailed with modern trends until a project birthed from great ambition takes shape; culminating in positioning: your ticket to fulfilling success.

video marketing

Production of videos for marketing

Videos can be the perfect way to give a captivating glimpse into what your product or service offers. And when placed in strategic positions, they could help spike customer interest and lead to conversions up by an incredible 85%! We collaborate with partners who specialize in creating eye-catching videos that inform customers of details as well as engage them through professional equipment such as drones shots, animations, dubbing and subtitling.

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social media management

Social Media Management

Through a cycle of research, optimization and analysis, we create an impactful message for just the right audience to ensure the right engagement - all without overspending or misusing resources. With a custom-tailored balance between organic & paid content, we will make sure that people become more interested in learning about your brand.

content creation

Content creation

With so much content vying for attention, it's essential to stand out from the pack. Our expert Creators know how to make your message truly unique with carefully crafted original visuals and text that speak directly to users - capturing their interest without fail! Make sure you create a lasting impression with personalized messages tailored specifically for your brand.

photography services


Our esteemed italian and London-based photography team are experts in producing creative visuals for advertising campaigns, lookbooks, special events and ecommerce projects. Amongst their esteemed clientele you’ll find Ted Baker and Ben Sherman - just check out for example Antonio Delle Monache's jaw dropping work on their AW21 Rebels Lookbook.
Photo: Antonio Delle Monache, "Ben Sherman - AW21 Rebels Lookbook".

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ads marketing

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

To maximize reach and success, an effective marketing plan requires more than organic positioning. The importance of selecting the appropriate channels for your message can't be overstated – from Google to Facebook, Bing to Instagram and TikTok - each platform offers something different that should be considered when trying to provide maximum results while making the most efficient use of resources.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most reliable and effective ways to captivate your audience, convert browsers into buyers, and grow a loyal following. Knowing when - and how - to extend an invitation is key: find users that fit their profile in order to maximize engagement! Give them info they'll love... and reap the rewards.