WØM Studio was founded in 2020 due to the irrepressible desire for creativity and beauty. Art, Music, Food Labs and much more: thanks to collaborations from the world of publishing, telecommunications, photography, design we are able to create unforgettable projects.


mobile marketing strategy

Strategies for Mobile Marketing

We develop high impact strategies for a winning approach to mobile marketing: specific mobile applications for smartphones and mobile devices based on defined objectives, realistic and measurable KPIs (key performance indicators), design modularity for a development over time based on a clear vision of the future, internationalization.

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digital marketing strategy

Strategies for Digital Marketing

Our commitment is to precisely define categories and areas of interest in which to place your brand with an effective and accurate positioning, to reach the right target without wasting time, money and resources. In an increasingly complex and highly competitive digital market we can help you emerge from the general noise with a clear and precise message, directed to your ideal customer.

social media strategy

Social Media strategies

We know the world of Social Media and the differences between the various platforms, fundamental data for the design of the right Social strategy. Organic positioning campaigns, targeted use of sponsored campaigns, defining the right channel at the right time, publishing times and the most profitable hashtags for your project. We are always updated on the updates of the most popular platforms and the expansion of new social realities, in a changing world without warning at great speed.

green marketing

Green Marketing

WØM|Studio provides effective Green Marketing solutions for companies and shops that deal with or sell green products and services and for businesses that intend to become more sustainable in the market approaching CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. We have dedicated ourselves to training and documentation on these issues that are becoming more and more important in the world of marketing and that represent one of the predominant aspects of the future of Communication.

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concept e design

Concept & Design

The starting point of every marketing operation, the moment of creativity and conceptualization: intuition, experience, taste, trend research and statistics are united in a project with concrete objectives and defined strategies. From here begins the path to positioning, spreading and success of your product.

video marketing

Production of videos for marketing

Due to its innate characteristics a video inserted in the right position can be a very effective tool to ignite the interest of the potential customer. In certain contexts, the exposure of a product or service via video can increase the conversion rate by up to 85%. Together with specialized partners, we create high-impact videos, with institutional and informative content, using professional techniques and instrumentation, drone, animations, subtitling and dubbing.

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social media management

Social Media Management

In a continuous cycle of research, strategy improvement and results analysis, our SMM experts promote your product on digital platforms optimizing the choice of the right channel, the right tone of communication, the frequency and personality of the posts. In the right balance between organic and paid content, the message is addressed to the right target without dispersion and without wasting resources, increasing interest and engagement to spread your brand.

content creation

Content creation

The authenticity and originality of the content largely determine the success and popularity of a marketing campaign. The user perceives the difference between a content created with standardized texts and images and that created specifically for the message he is receiving, and draws a different impression. Our Creators develop original content at all levels for Social and web, to give your brand an original and personal image.

photography services


Commercial partnership with photographers based in London specialized in the realization of creative and commercial photographic services. Experts in the fields of advertising campaigns, lookbooks, events and e-commerce). Some customers: Ted Baker, Ben Sherman, Browns.
Photo: Antonio Delle Monache, "Ben Sherman - AW21 Rebels Lookbook".

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ads marketing

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

In addition to the organic positioning, at certain moments of the campaign, a schedule of paid ads on web and social channels may be necessary. Fundamental is the choice of the most suitable platforms for message and target, from Google to Bing, from facebook, Instagram to TikTok, each platform has specific features, formats and utilities, Among which you need to choose competently to achieve maximum effectiveness with less expense.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Email is a marketing channel that retains its reliability over time and represents one of the most effective ways to interest and engage the public and increase the conversion rate. It is necessary to know how to insert the invitation to registration at the right point of the communication chain, to acquire selected users in the right target pool and convey useful information to users really interested.